Tuesday 17 April 2012

You become WHAT you THINK!!!

I was thinking of what should the topic for my first blog  and I thought of writing about the best lesson I learnt in life.

I believe it is our thought process that affects how we express ourselves and who we become.

The earth grows what is sowed whether it is good or poisonous.In the same way our brains also grow the thoughts we entertain. These thoughts ultimately determine who we become, how we deal with issues, how we solve problems and how we present ourselves. Therefore the real challenge is how to control what is implanted in our brain.

Thinking is an automated process. Brain processes the thoughts and reflections of the same are seen in
our face, our speech, our body and it controls our overall attitude.

 The thoughts dominate our minds often against our will. We feel  stressed out and unsecured because of negative feelings.

If you implant negative thoughts in your brain, pretty soon your entire thought process will be negative and you become a person who sees only the negative side of everything.

Conversely if you implant positive thoughts in mind, your thought process becomes one of always seeing postives in everything, always finding clear cut ways in your life  and your productivity increases.

Whatever is happening in life is a direct result of the mentality we have cultivated and the choices we have made in the past. By consistently cultivating good thoughts, we can change the character formation in us.

To win in any field man needs skill, training, knowledge and luck. But if our mind is clear, it will find everything provided we are clear of the goal.

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