Thursday 14 June 2012

Ernakulam Shiva temple

Ernakulam Shiva temple or Ernakulathappan is one among the 108 Shiva temples.The deity faces westwards and to the opposite is the Cochin backwaters.Arjuna is believed to have worshipped Shiva in this temple.The temple is built in typical Kerala temple architecture.

One of the important pooja is Abhisheka with water called Dhara (the bathing of Shiva lingam with 101 bottles of water) and the devotee believes that after dhara they will get lot of blessings from Lord Shiva, giving the chain of koovalam leaves to Lord Shiva is an another important worship the Hindu people believe that it reduces the bad effects of 'shani dosha'.

The Lingam in the main sanctum sanctorum is considered to be Swayambhoo (Divinely derived). On the northern side of the main sanctum sanctorum, one can see the small shrine of Kirthamoorthy where the original Lingam worshipped by Arjuna is still worshiped. On the southern side, a small shrine for Lord Ganesha is seen. There is a small area behind the main sanctum sanctorum, considered as abode of Goddess Parvati, hence the east gate is known as Devi Gate. Outside the Inner temple circle, shrines for Lord Ayyappa and Nagaraja are worshiped.

The temple is open from 3.30 am - 11 pm and from 4pm to 8pm

Adjacent to the main Shiva Temple, two other temples are constructed. On the Northern side, there is a Murugan Kovil built in Tamil style. The Muruga Kovil is managed by Tamil Brahmin Association of Ernakulam and all rituals in this temple is in accordance to Tamil style. The presiding deity is Lord Muruga with his wives Valli and Devanyani. There are two separate shrines for Navagrahas and Ganesha, apart from regular poojas for Vishnu, Dakshinamoorthy and Durga Devi.

The Hanuman temple is built in Udupi Madhava Sampradaya style

On the eastern side, there is  Hanuman temple. It was constructed by Diwan Venkat Rao in year 1850.  The presiding deity is Lord Hanuman facing towards Shiva temple on eastern side. A small idol of Lord Rama also worshiped in main sanctum sanctorum. Also shrines for lord Nagaraja and Raghavendra Swami are also worshiped in this temple.

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