Friday, 16 November 2012

Sree Poornathrayeesha Temple - Thripunithura

Sree Poornathrayeesha Temple - Thripunithura

 The main deity of this temple is Maha Vishnu in the form of Santhanagopala Murthy.The position of the god looks like sitting on the five headed serpent called Anantha. The two upper hands of Lord Vishnu hold Sanku and Sudarshana Chakram and the lower right hand holds the Lotus flower. The sitting position of the god is called as Poornathrayeesa. 

The word Poornathrayeesa is separated into 3 word like Poorna refer as complete, Thraye refer as three and Isa refer as iswara which refer as Lord of 3 Vedas or Lord of Knowledge. 

 The most important festival is Vrishchikoltsavam celebrated in the month of November to December for 8 days. The ritual called Kanikka edal is celebrated during the 4th day of the Vrishchikoltsawam festival. During this ceremony elephants were decorated with ornaments and the people used to offer to god in a golden pot kept on the raised stage. Large numbers of devotees visit to temple during this ceremony 

Childless couple come and pray here and there is a strong belief that they have children thereafter.On the back side of Sreekovil, there is a small window from where devotees can get a close look at the idol of Santhana Gopala Moorthy of Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple. Devotees can also have a look at the idol of Lord Ganapathi on the extreme south side of the temple