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Ameda temple

Ameda temple

The Ameda temple is located on the Thripunithura-Vaikom route (10km from Thripunithura) on the shores of Vembanad lake in Nadakkavu.

The main deity in the temple is  Sapthamathrukkal (Veerabhadran, Ganapathy, Brahmani, Maheshwari, Kowmari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Indrani and Chamundi) Temples dedicated to Nagaraja and Nagayakshi are in the north-west and North east.There is a  temple dedicated to Maha Vishnu towards the North.

Story behind the temple

Parasurama on his travel once reached the place where the temple is presently situated. He stepped into the Vembanad lake  for Sandhyavandana during sunset .Then he saw a bright light at a distance and he wanted to know the source of light and he found out that it was  light is 'Sapthamathrukkal' who were travelling through the lake on the top of the tortoise.

The tortoise had become unable to travel as the water had paved way for Lord Parasurama . The place where the tortoise became standstill came to be known as 'Amaninnayidam' and later on become 'Ameda'. Parasurama decided to construct a temple at the same place where the tortoise  stopped its travel. And hence the Ameda temple came into its being.

Main Offerings in the temple

1. Karthika Pooja - Karthika of Vrishchikam is very special here. Special archana and Dwadashakshari Pooja done in this occassion.

2. Karthika Payasam - This is for child birth. Couples need to come for 12 months in a year and offer payasam.

3. Kindi Eriyal and Poovattaka Kamizhthal  - These are offered to Sapthamathrukkal for blessings fo child birth

4. Pulluvan Pattu

Visiting the temple on Ayilyam day in the month hs Kanni, Thulam,Vrishchikam and Meenam  are considered to be more sacred and important.

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