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Narayaneeyam is a Sanskrit text written by Melpathoor Narayana Bhatathiri as an offering to Guruvayoorappan. He was suffering fromextremely painful arthritis(vathom)  at about the age of twenty seven. All treatments  failed  and a he decided to turn to the mercy of the Lord. He reached Guruvayoor temple with his  younger brother.

He received an advice from the great Malayalam Poet, Thunchathu Ezhuthachan  to "start with fish".  The suggestion was that the poet should compose a work narrating the various avatharams of Lord Vishnu, Fish, Tortoise etc. It is said the deity eagerly listened to his work daily and responded with occasional comments. He even helped him once by giving a vision of Narasimhavatara, as he could not fully visualize how it was. It is a condensed version of Srimad Bhagavata Mahapuranam, which consists of 18,000 slokas written by Veda Vyasa

It consists of 100 chapters with 1036 slokas. Most of the chapters end with the prayer “please cure me of my disease”.. Immediately after he finished the Narayaneeyam he was cured of his illness.There fore it is believed that chanting the Narayannem is good for curing diseases.

People who cant read the Bhagavatham should at least try to read the Narayaneeyam.
 At the end of the hundredth day, when he had completed all the one hundred dasakams, it is said that he had a glorious vision of the Lord and he was completely cured of his ailment. Bhattatiri composed Narayaneeyam when he was twenty-seven, completing it on November 27, 1587.Innumerable devotees flock to the Guruvayoor temple and offer worship to the Lord, reciting this hymn of prayer in the firm hope, belief and trust that they would be cured of their ailments. 

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