Saturday 24 May 2014

Magic of love

Meera took her mobile and checked the new year messages in her mobile.

As the time for new beginnings arrives
I wish
As a fairy with a magic wand
This New Year brightens your life
And brings you all the joys and surprises
That you could ever imagine!!!

Pinky was busy preparing the new year greeting card to her best friend. "Mom, she will be very happy on seeing this na?"She asked. "Sure darling" Meera said. "Mom, you used to give gifts to your best friend na, it will happy to see her face on opening this na?" Meera could feel all her enthisiasm in her voice.

Meera took her mobile. After her months and months of research in google, she had found her best friend's phone number. She had saved her number and used to send her greetings on special days without revealing her identity. She didn't miss any of the events birthdays, wedding anniversaries. The reply would come soon. "Who is this?". Meera would sent another message "One of your well wisher". She was sure Divya wouldn't even have a slight guess that it was she who was sending the messages.She thought of the good time spent together, how much Divya struggled to learn a new language to communicate to her. Divya had no other hobby than chatting with Meera & Dev. At times when Meera had to travel for her work, Divya enquired every minute things whether she had her food on time, the work progress everything. How a  silly misunderstanding created a 10 year gap between them. Time was running fast and Divya relocated to some other place.

She typed the message. "You are going to get the biggest surprise of this year now, Be ready". Dev was watching the television.It was nearing twelve.

"Dev, we are going to give someone a pleasant shock, All you have to do is just shout loudly "Happy new year, our dearmost friend?". Meera told while making the call. "Whom, whom are you calling?" Dev asked to which she replied "Wait and watch". They could hear phone ringing on the other side and together they greeted her. "Oh my God", Meera could hear only that much and then Divya started weeping. " I know you both would have hundred of questions to ask, but now just relax and be happy. I wanted to give a pleasant surprise gift  to the ones I love and I am happy I won". "True love is the most powerful magic in this world, and it never dies I believe." Meera told.

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  1. that wud have been such a pleasant surprise to receive a phone call from a long lost friend :)

  2. That is and friendship are truly magic :)

  3. True friendships and love always withstand the test of times. Whatta a surprise and it can turn a bad day into an awesome one..magical one:)