Monday 29 September 2014

Raise moral responsible children

Raise moral responsible children

This man whom I knew for long was appreciated and loved by all because of his caring and gentle behavior. I was shocked one day to hear that one of his daughters settled abroad has decided to take her mom along with her leaving the dad alone here. Why didn't she thought of the loneliness her dad would face? There were some sort of difference of opinions between her parents. Instead of clearing all those, why did she took such an action. And I tried to recollect any event where I could notice her mom participating whole-heartedly and happily, but I couldn't. She was much self centered and egoistic. The children were provided with all facilities and education. But they failed to learn the basic lesson to love their father.

Children learn from the surrounding, and primarily from people from family only. They keep observing how parents behave. Earlier when there was joint family systems they saw their parents respecting the old people in the family and they saw they were the decision makers. They learnt lessons on care and share things. In the nuclear families there is no one else to guide the children than their parents and they become self centered. Earlier there were grand parents to tell moral lessons and tales to children and they learn their first chapters of love, patience, kindness and relationships. The International Day of Older Persons is observed on October 1. We need to appreciate the elderly people for their actions and be considerate towards them.

Our present society  is in desperate need of good parents who can  inspire and motivate their children to pursue their dreams We can contribute to the society a lot by raising children with the following virtues. We can teach them by being a good example. Actions  speak louder than words. Be a role model for your children  and help them to be better human beings..

Gift them with

1. Self Confidence and courage to face the challenges in life

2. Freedom to think and act - Give them the freedom to think and take decisions.

3. Gratitude & love for all - Gratitude sure makes the world a better place

4. Honesty - Children should be taught that truthfulness is critical in all of our interactions with other people

5. Humility - They need to assess their strengths and weaknesses, should be ready to accept their mistakes.

6. COMPASSION--Show mercy and kindness towards other people

7. Teach them to respect the elders - Present society is losing the respect to old people. We can see old age homes flourishing everywhere. Actually older people are treasure house of knowledge and wisdom. By getting disconnected with them we are missing opportunities to learn.

5. Teach your child to think morally.

If a child is self-centered, materialistic and lacks empathy, she will often think of her own convenience first. Instill empathy in her, and then she will make choices that make her a better person. It’s our duty to ensure that the elderly live happily and safely. Let us not forget that it’s the duty of kids to look after their old parents.

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