Thursday 26 May 2016

Thirupathi temple visit

Thirupathi balaji temple is   situated in the hill town Thirumala. Lat month we decided to visit the temple. This is a temple which is always visited by devotees so there is crowd always. We booked online tickets for darshan @ 300 Rs tickets.

Booked the train tickets in Tatkal, accomodation can also be booked online.The nearby railway station is Thirupathi.

As we enter Thirumala, there is a security checking of our bags. The roads are clean and beautiful. There are clean toilets everywhere and the roads are sweeped all the time.

There are different queues Sarva Darshan, Divya darshan and Seekhra Darshan.We completed the darshan in less than two hours.  Seems in August and January there are less crowd there. There is annadanam free for all at three days a day.There are refreshments served for people standing in queue. We need to dress up traditionally and mobiles are not allowed in the temple.

After darshan, you can collect laddu prasadam. We got 2 laddus for each ticket.

There are beautiful free buses to go to nearby places.

1. Book accommodation online and darshan tickets well in advance.

The temple authorities have maintained the temple permises clean though it is a havily crowded place.

We stayed there for three days and had food from Mayura hotel near museum. It was clean, tasty and cheap. There are shopping complexes.

Next day we visited Sri Kalahasti temple which is famous for Rahu pooja. There are many temples and theerthams nearby. So if you plan a trip, one day may not be sufficient for this. places we visited were Shilotharanam, Papavinasam theertham, Venugopala Swamy temple. There are private vehicles which will help you to visit these neaby places.

Our return train was from Renigunta railway station.

We felt happy and positive after the temple visit.

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