Friday 28 September 2012


A film worth watching for many reasons, this is Barfi. 

When the film started and saw that Ranbir is dumb, we thought would be film be boring without speech. But no, this thought never came to our mind later because of the impressive performance of Ranbir.

When you leave the theatre you surely will feel a feeling of joy.The beauty of Darjeeling is shown beautifully in the movie.Though the central characters are with disabilities, the director doesnt want us to sympethise with them, but we envy them since it is filled with positivity.

There is a beautiful message in the movie. It is not fare to love someone with mental calculations.Even with so many imperfections we can live a perfect life if there is LOVE.The primary factor in any relation is LOVE. The film is like a fairy land and Barfi finds joy in the simple things.

I liked the title song too which was little different' picture shuru...'

Kudos to all team members.

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