Friday 19 October 2012

Our Guruvayoor visit

We have visited Guruvayoor temple many times before and had prayed. But this visit was special in many ways. Usually we go there stand in the queue and pray and come back.

But this time I learnt a lot of things and thought would share these.

The temple is open form 3 am in the morning till 1.30 and then from 4.30 till 9 pm. Men should wear mundu or dhoti and women saree or salwar. Mobiles are not allowed inside the temple.

No words to describe the feeling in the morning of  Nirmalyam darsan accompanied by Jnanapana, Narayeenyam and HariNamaKeerthanam sung by our singer P.Leela.

If you have a plan to visit Guruvayoor the best would be to see all poojas and stay back there a day. There are good hotels/lodges near by.

There are special queues for ladies and senior citizens. You can consult the temple authorities for this. The best moments are during the Deeparadhana time(6.30 pm) and the Attazha sheeveli time(8.30 pm).

It is believed that a trip to Guruvayur is not complete , if one does not visit Mammiyur temple.This temple  has Lord Siva as the main deity and there are shrines for Parvati and Vishnu ,  Ganapati, Muruga and Ayyappa. You cannot enter the temple wearing Pants/Churidars.

You can do different offerings like Thrikkai Venna, kadali pazham, palppayasam etc, be sure to check the timings when you can get the prasadan after Pooja.

You can chant Jnanapana, Narayeenyam and HariNamaKeerthanam, Vishnu sahrasanamam or any Krishna sthuthi that you know.

Ladies perform Adi Pradhakshinam and gents Shayana Pradakshinam as Vazhipadu. 

We saw the tall idol of Maraprabhu in front of the Sreevalsom guest house beside the statue of Guruvayur Kesavan. This is the biggest terracotta idol in Asia.

There is a story behind this.

While chanting Vishnu Sahasra namam, Poonthaanam mispronounced the word ‘Amaraprabhu’  as ‘maraprabhu’ at the temple, and the Sanskrit scholar Melpathur laughed at him for it. Then a voice was heard from the temple  that ‘I am also the Marapabhu’! Maraprabhu means the Lord of all trees.Thousands of different types of herbs were used in the construction of this idol.


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