Saturday 22 March 2014

Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper

It was Sunday morning. Meera woke up pretty late and switched on the radio. It was her birthday and she saw more than a dozen missed calls of Shyam in her mobile. She switched off her cell and sat in the sofa reading the paper. It has been exacly one year she talked with him.

What we are now listening is  a lecture by Dr. Madhumitha on 'Marriages - are they made in heaven'? Meera increased radio volume.

If a marriage is to be beautiful both the partners should have respect,love and  care.
Like two shakers of salt and pepper both of them are inevitable. Todays divorces happen because no one is serious in maintaning the love effects. The word 'DIVORCE' which was not known to our grandparents and not even common among our parents, has now been commom in 80% marriages. Egos, lack of care, critizing, unrealistic expectation all adds up to it.Make a councious effort to satisy your partners desires, you can see it gets reciprocated and it will be beautiful. It needs sacrifice, sharing, and selfless attitude.  If both partner does  frequent self-analysis and concentrates on correcting his/her own imperfections , then transformation comes and marriage will surely be a beautiful journey. When frustrations happens just relax relax and just rewind the good old days.

The lecture continued and Meera was rewinding the picture album in her mind. Their first meeting, the letters they mailed, the pretty lot of gifts they exchanged, the six month's wait peiod after the engagement.

She looked at clock and noticed it was noon. She switched on the mobile. There again was few missed calls from him and a message. You Are The Butter To My Bread and the breath to my life Meera. I can't miss you anymore. Shre read it again and again and tears started rolling down.

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  1. Aww! That's so beautiful and well earned WoW:)
    You Are The Butter To My Bread and the breath to my life Meera.

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