Saturday 29 March 2014


My second

The bus was fully crowded.I was on my way to attend seventh interview. In the morning I had went to the nearby Shiva temple and prayed. I actually was fed up of attending the interviews. Previous day I even had a heated argument with  dad. I wanted to start some business and asked him to arrange him some money. Dads advice was to start earning for ourselves and then do want all I want with money. I shouted at dad and slept without food. In my sleep, the devil and the angel argued and angel win. The angel consoled myself, yes what he told was right. I should try again. 

I started chanting some prayers. The next bus stop was the railway station and many stepped down from the bus. Luckily I got a seat. Can you please hold my bag? A man aged 60-65 asked. I readily agreed. Half an hour went by.  I woke up from a small sleep. I searched for the old man and couldn't find him. The bus now had so many vacant seats too. Oh, he has forgotten to get back the bag. I opened the bag to check if there was any contact no. Oh no, it was jewels approx 10 bangles and 3 chains all of Gold. I was shocked and didn't knew what to do. Nothing else was there in the bag. I started shivering. The bus was reaching a signal. I looked once again in the bus. No sure the man has forgotten it. Suddenly I noticed the old man was running towards the bus. He was approx 10 buses behind, he was looking at each bus and was running at the same time. Suddenly I heard the devils voice "This is the right time, Take this as the gift from GOD. Don't miss this opportunity". I closed his eyes and sat. The bus now has crossed the signal. Oh my God, what should I do? The best option for me would be to get down from the bus, take an auto and go back home, Yes I decided. I got down at the next stop. I reached the auto stand. I was tempted to take the auto and go to my home. 'No no and No'. I heard my critical inner voice telling me.  I was tempted again by the devil. "Don't loose this precious opportunity, yo will regret". I couldn't resist the temptation. I looked back again. There I saw the old man standing at the signal looking in all directions. The angel was telling, "You need to be strong enough to resist this and give back the old man his jewels."

I directed the auto driver to drive me to the signal. "Please check whether this is yours and everything perfect." I asked the man. He was weeping, he took the bag checked it and suddenly hugged me tightly. "Oh my dear son, how can I thank you? My younger daughter marriage is on next Sunday. I was back from the bank. Bus was heavily crowded and someone pushed out while stepping down. I don't actually know how to thank you enough." I could see tears rolling down. I told the auto driver to take him to his house. I took the next bus and went to the interview. 

The day ended with a thank you note to GOD.

Thank you God for giving me a very special day, Another chance to become a better individual. Thank you for making me strong.

Meanwhile  mom was  telling to dad "I was sure he will pass this interview". 

That day I felt I was strong, I felt God is always with me and I could feel the confidence. Yes my GOD is guarding me and he strengthens me. So believe "Everything is possible".

P.S: This is only a piece of fiction

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