Saturday 28 June 2014

Are we complicating our life?

Life is really simple
but we insist on making it complicated

This quote made me think deeply. There are many instances where I have felt people complicate things unnecessarily. It is our attitude/approach that matters the most.

I remember during a project, one of the team members though he was highly skilled was finding it too much difficult because of his approach. Rather than finding a solution to a problem, he was busy explaining the complexity of the issue. He was getting exhausted unnecessarily. This negativity is seen everywhere

Again another sort of people like to complain a lot, they are not satisfied anytime. With whatever they have, they feel to have more.They will be critical almost always. The only solution dealing with them is be conscious that their talks don't affect you in any manner. If we spend more time with them our emotions will slowly become negative too. Try to distract their topic.

Another group is with negative ego. They believe what all they do is correct. They are not able to admit mistakes. If someone points out their mistakes they feel bad.

On the contrary I have seen people who possess the following traits too

1. Whatever busy day it be, we feel more energized seeing them.
2. They are always happy and their happiness doesn't depend on what they possess
3. They are helpful, have a good friend circle
4. They don't care about what other people think
5. The happiest people  focus on trying to make the world a better place.
6. They are grateful for what they have and are confident

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