Monday 7 July 2014

Why trust in marriages break easily?

I was on my way to office. I saw the auto driver again. Two months back I saw him he looked disturbed. Don't know why he asked the question to me, " Do you where we need to go if have some issues in marriage, Is it a doctor I should see?"

I knew nothing much on that so I told you need to visit some counseling centres for that. He asked me whether I can help getting the contact number and the fees.

I managed to get some details and handed over the same to him when I saw him the next time.

"Hope everything is settled now", I asked. He has two children he told that day. He told me wife hesitated to go for counseling. I just consoled him "Let it give some time, it will all settle itself". He told me it is the fourth year I am waiting, the issue is yet not resolved. I had no answer.

Yes the rate is increasing drastically. Is it the lack of freedom , lack of money, lack of respect everywhere? No for sure since it is more in the IT sector and other highly paid jobs. Reasons are plenty, but the sad part is that the couples mostly do not take hundred percent conscious effort in resolving the issues. Egos, self respect all are villians in this play. 

Most of the couples will have children too, instead of correcting the mistakes if found they are magnifying the issues and projecting the faults. The losers in this game are the children.

I believe marriage should be a relation where two people meet, share their lives and improve themselves. The same boy/girl whom you started loving becomes the enemy there.

Marriages become beautiful if we are ready to sacrifice our ego and  selfishness. The issues normally are due to grass greener on the other side syndrome. Instead people give up too easily and blame the other person for not making them unhappy.
Misunderstandings can be easily resolved if you have good communication. People don't realize that these relationships require maintenance and care.

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