Friday 1 August 2014

Art of Parenting

Parenting is indeed an art. Personality and character of parent has a significant influenza on children. The most successful parents are the ones who let children believe more in themselves.

Many often parents are over protective.Protecting or caging a child prevents him from exploring the world and learning from it. Allow them to do things for themselves, to experience life. Let them believe more in themselves and handle situations on their own. They may fail sometimes but they will learn more from each experience.

Another problem is over indulgence.
Every parent wants his or her child to be successful in life by choosing an appropriate career. But does everyone gives the child to chose his path? The choices of life shouldn’t be affected by others interference. If you want to be a singer, allow them to learn singing.Allow the child to follow his/her passion and give your full support.

Since your child has the ability to take decisions, do not intrude in his/her life. Dont pressurize them with your opinions. Many often over indulgant parents create a  sense of self-centredness in children.These children are found to be  less happy and less contented. They face troubles with relationships, and have difficulty handling failures.
We see a lot of marriage breakups these days because of over interference of parents.

Spend quality time with them. Listen to each and  very thing they tell.Let them know that they can be honest with you and tell you everything frankly. When the child makes a mistake, patiently make him/her understand the mistake. Let them understand that it is perfectly okay to make mistake provided you are ready to correct it.

Often the little things we do say a lot. Children notice all the little acts of kindness we do and they learn a lot from it.

Never compare your child with others, every child is gifted with some unique qualities.
Teach your children values like compassion, empathy, honesty, respect, responsibility.

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