Saturday 26 July 2014

Broaden our perspective to enjoy life

In life we face different situations. Is there any definite criteria for our happiness? Once we fulfill one desire, we are  on the lookout for the next thing in our list. We believe  happiness lies in accomplishments and possessions. once we completes our education, we want a job. Next we are unhappy when we compare ourselves to the friend who has more salary. The root cause of our unhappiness is our inability to observe ourselves properly. We are caught in our own perspective, and unable to see the perspectives of many others around us. Seeing something from a different perspective can raise your own awareness and enable you to find better solutions.

I have seen some people always thinking of the issues in life and getting upset. They worry more, forgetting what all God has gifted them with. I gets irritated on this. Why can't they look on the lesser fortunate people and feel contended. 

During stressful situations, we are usually focused on the things that are going wrong in our lives. The key to happiness lies in eradicating the selfishness. Even if in some situations we fail, we become a better and stronger person.

Some times in life we get involved in arguments. We stick on to our beliefs and concepts. I believe that perception and how you react to situations changes everything. Consider  the perspective of the other person and solution to the argument can be obtained.

Life brings us different opportunities.We need to grab them  to enjoy life. Broaden your horizons, equip yourself more with more knowledge and be strong.

As you widen the lens of your perception, you'll experience less tension, improve your attitude, develop keener insight into the meaning of your life, and most likely enjoy greater material success as well.

I used to get tensed when some disappointments happen. One of my friends gave me some advises. And from then on I used to ask these questions.

Will this matter 10 years from now? After all what?

We can be happy if we at least a few in this list.

Are you in reasonably good health?
Do you have your eyesight? 
Is there a roof over your head and a job?
Do you have a family that love you?

Focus on the many things for which you are grateful. I have not achieved everything in my life that I yearned for. But I am counting my blessings and I am perfectly happy.

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