Tuesday 11 November 2014

I wish I could be six again

Oh my childhood

I know the days wont be back
But I wish the days were back

No other place is as safe as my mom's lap
The days where I slept with the lullabies
The sweet lullabies my dad sung for me
The tales which my grand ma told me
The days were beautiful

I was happy all the time
Chasing butterflies and plucking flowers
Playing Hide and seek with my cousins

So happy I used to be in my little world
The simple things and rain
Made my  heart laugh out loud
I was busy floating the paper boats in the rain
There was greenery all around

The lollipops we licked were so much tasty.
I remember licking every bit and saving the sticks.
Fish in pond, bubbles of soap, the play houses we made
All still fresh in my mind

The power cut time was a special time
All my family share their stories
My sister found it hard
To answer all my silly questions
But I was curious all the time

The hug and kiss mom gave me
After every fight was so much warm
I miss those moments and the golden days

I then wished I could have grown up
And now I wish I could be a child again

I know my childhood will never be back
But I will never let the child in me to go away

Why do we all have to grow up,
And regret the things we never did
Why can't we have all the time in the world
To play and enjoy as kids

I wish I could be six again so I could
Be the kid and enjoy  life

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