Friday 21 November 2014

Personal space in relationships

Many people suffer in relationship not because of lack of love but because of lack of space.
Give sufficient personal space to your partner . Each one of us need time to relax, to engage in activities and interests that we enjoy and to associate with  important people in our life. While it is important to grow as a couple,it is equally important to allow the partner to grow as an individual.

To any relation to succeed we need to follow some rules

1. Love Unconditionally -  Unconditional love is when you love someone the way he or she is, and not the way you expect him/her to be.  Real love doesn't expect anything in return. If you want what is best for the other person, other than in how that person can enhance your life, then it is unconditional love.

2. Appreciate  - Learn to appreciate the qualities in the partner. It adds a lot of positive vibe in the relation when you take note of the little acts your partner does.  Partners who appreciate each other create a very strong relationship and care each other much . If some of your habits disturb your partner, make conscious effort to avoid it.

Many in relations feel angry at their partner for ignoring their efforts.Make it a habit to let them know that you recognize the little things, and it reciprocates.

3. Expect less and Accept more.

Before getting into relation, we should communicate our basic expectation. Many relations fail because of high expectations. High expectations lead to disappointment and frustration, especially if we do not communicate these expectations. Allow your partner to be himself/herself, and accept and love them for that.

4. Give space - Trust each other and give space so that both persons can grow.

5. Admit mistakes honestly - If you make mistake, admit it honestly. Genuine apology made and accepted has a significant role in maintaining relations.

6. Learn the art of forgiving

We need to find the right balance of personal freedom and commitment. When two partners can be together in a way that respects each person's individual space and at the same time expresses equal commitment, then both parties can relax and be who they are.

If the relationship is too tight, both partners feel suffocated. But if it's totally loose and there's no sense of commitment then there is no real connection.

Jealousy is not all good in any relation. It causes depression, anxiety etc

Some couples may be of diverse interest. Acknowledge the difference and allow the other person to follow his passion like reading, writing, music which ever it be.

Cultivate your own friendships, apart from your partner

There need to be a  healthy balance of connectedness and separateness to be happy in a relationship.

Love is important in a relationship, but overdose of it can cause suffocation and in turn kill the love.

Overdose of dependence (emotional or physical) can only do more harm.

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