Friday 24 January 2014

Attribute that I dislike most

I had been thinking a lot about the attitude that irritates me the most, and the answer I found is negativity. I categorized the people I have met in my life based on this and the differences I found between optimistic and pessimistic people are the following

1. An optimist always have a sense of gratitude

2. He belives life is a journey and every problem is an opportunity given by GOD to make him strong

3. Whatever happens he is always at ease.

4. They worry less on what they lack and feels happy on what all blessings they have.

5. They always are grateful

I found them successful in life even after setbacks in life. They are always HAPPY.


1. Their belief system are their guide. They easily jump into wrong assumptions and judgements

2. Easily depressed even a  small loss in their expectation and gives up easily

3. Lock themselves in an inner world

4. Hold on grudges and distance himself from a problem rather than dealing with the real problem

3. Live with ego and take every thing personally