Saturday 4 October 2014

Are teachers still role models?

More than a profession, teaching is a moral duty

It was really disturbing to hear the news.A six-year-old child was locked up in a dog cage by his teacher at a private school. The child's sister witnessed this but the school authorities threatened her not to report this to parents.

I have read about a  primary school teacher who swims across a river to be punctual at school.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has written about how  a small incident, ie a teacher demonstrating a birds flying exercise helped him develop his ambition and vision in life.

Teachers need to have a passion for teaching. Are today’s teachers truly passionate and dedicated about making a positive difference to the students?

The children who are subjected to physical punishment are more vulnerable in their life with low self-esteem. Before giving any sort of punishment, just pause and think, How it will benefit him in the long way.

The main purpose of education is the overall growth of a student. Teaching is a very noble profession. Only those with real passion can excel in the professions.

They should always remember that have the power to influence the minds of children and shape societies. When giving punishments, please try to consider the feelings of the student.

Many often the discrimination among the students by teachers creates a lot of pain in children which he/she can imagine. Many students tell they hate ______ subject, it may be because he/she didn't have someone who tried to develop the interest.

Shweta hates dance. Her parents made all effort to make  her join for a dance class, but she resisted. The reason was simple. She learns dance in school, but every time her teacher select children for dance competition she is not considered. Slowly she she lost the interest  and now hates dance.

Our generation have been blessed. When we hear the word teachers some faces come to our mind. They may have impressed us with their teaching, their caring attitude, the rapport they have established with individual students.Many of us can reflect on our think of a teacher who truly made a difference in our lives, may be someone who supported learning at a difficult time, a teacher who inspired or maybe one instilled a passion for something.

Many retired teachers tell about the happiness they get when they meet their old students later in life.

Dear Teachers

Listen to all of your students. Encourage them to share ideas and opinions.

Use good manners when you deal with your students

Create a feeling in students that you want to help them achieve their dreams.

Be caring and create a happy environment for the students to learn.

You have the power to shape lives  of students for the better. Use it wisely.

Your teaching has a  great impact in the molding of the next generation.

It’s the relationships you build with them and  all the little ways you show concern and the love you share with them that matters.


  1. Compared to about 20-30 years back, fewer teachers these days have a passion for teaching. However, that is something that can be said for almost all professionals in India: doctors, engineers, lawyers, domestic help, drivers, etc.. This is true of our society.

    In my opinion, the problem is quite complex. One of the main reasons is: we, as a society, have become much more materialistic. Career choices are made on the basis of earning potential. Hence, lower paid professions like teaching are the last choice of most people. Hence, the standards have fallen more in such professions.

  2. Totally agree. But some deeds from the teachers who are supposed to be the role models make us upset.