Wednesday 8 October 2014

What if we feel GOD is not answering our prayer?

We all pray, visit temples/churches/mosques or we pray simply at home. And are we happy after the prayer. Very often we  complain that he is not considering our wishes and  we often take the blessings take for granted.

Closely listen, He is telling it’s not the right time. Please wait. If events are not happening as you expected , or if you  doesn't feel  circumstances change in your favor,relax and  trust God. God has some better action plan for you.

You may feel frustrated during rejections in life, years later you will look back at and thank God for not answering that prayer the way you wanted.

To me GOD is my friend with whom I can openly share thanks, hopes, all my fears. Thank God every day for all the blessings  you enjoy.

Learn to love all, not only the joys and the victories, but also the pain and the struggles. This is what GOD teaches us.

We are educated, but still we blindly follow some superstitions and it shakes our self confidence.

We are controlled by some unknown fears and become weak.We lose confidence in our own abilities after a certain period of time. People go behind superstitions with the desire to make quick money without much hard work.

Couples do special poojas and special mantras to solve issues in marriage. They don't want to rectify the mistakes in their life. They find this as a shortcut. People do special offerings to God for getting jobs.

There are many superstitions, considering widows as unlucky, considering certain numbers as unlucky and so on.

We run after priests,astrologers etc for fulfilling our wishes.
The GODMEN produce fruits,ashes  etc from nowhere to  influence the people. Once I met a person who claimed to have some super natural powers. He used to sit near the idol of Krishna and keeps his ears near the idol. After few minutes he will tell something that he claimed lord Krishna told him.

Be aware and use our reasoning ability. Majority of them are not based on any logic. It is now the FEAR of God than the LOVE of God that rules us. What we need is faith or  belief in one’s own self and a trust on the miracles of hard work. We should be able to judge everything by the strong light of reason  having firm faith in God.

It is sure there is an unknown  supreme power which is controlling every species.But worshiping God is one thing and believing in superstitions is different.

God always help those who help themselves. So play our part well and then be ready to accept what is offered.
We have to accept that God always wants to bring out the best in us. I remember a beautiful advice I received, Whatever it is whether it is good or bad,  leave it to God and have faith in Him.

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