Wednesday 15 October 2014

Role of education

My view on educated person

To me education is something which develops our mental attitude and helps us grow to a higher level. The growth doesn't mean career wise. It means we become more equipped with knowledge and we know what is right and what is wrong.

Our education starts right from our childhood, we learn from parents, elders, friends and each life situation. Recently I heard a speech by someone, he was telling that learning any art form,  be it music, dance or anything is good since artists cannot do any harm to society. This is because they will be more socially aware.

Education will enable you to develop your own opinions, attitudes, values, and beliefs. No degree  however great can teach you everything you need to know either now or in the future. It can provide just a platform. Its after many years of learning that one can become a doctor/engineer/lawyer etc. We see many professionals with a lot of degrees attached to their name. Some of them are unethical, greedy, egoistic and arrogant people. But some are very much honest or sincere with their clients and have a humanitarian behavior. They all have the same formal education. But it is the mind sets and attitude that matters.

People destroy public properties, vehicles etc during strike. We have rules but we don't care to follow them. We see many types of bribes even in educational field. Parents are ready to donate huge amounts for getting seats in colleges. How can a person be a passionate doctor if is not following his interest and on compulsion joins the course?

One of my friend met with an accident, the one who hit him(he was an engineer) escaped without even dropping him to the hospital. One of the auto rickshaw wala took him to the hospital. Compared to the engineer, he had much lesser education.But he knew what was to be done and at the right time. If the education didn't provide one with the necessary common sense it is of no use.

I have observed that lot of less-educated people are more friendly, and down-to-earth generally. Few people with lot of success would always keep their feet on the ground and show lot of humility. Education without right attitude is of no use.

The purpose of education should be to prepare children for life, nourishing the hidden potential in every child so that they can contribute more to society. It should help to discover the natural talents each one of us posses. I believe the purpose of  education should always be creating people who will be productive and more socially aware. All this can happen only if the mind is developed.

A literate person can read books and it helps them to acquire more knowledge. But if he doesn't apply the knowledge it is of no use.

We cant say we are educated on the day we got our degree. There is always something new to learn every day and every moment. We can learn from the nature, the mirror, the windows, animals etc.

We have many high officials with high qualification. But many of them are corrupt. Our literacy rate is increasing, but social evils and crime against women and children are increasing. The education system has failed to provide the moral values to the people. 

Having a formal education doesn’t make anyone a better individual. But what matters is self development, humility, sound character and morally high thinking.  We have seen many college drops achieving success through hard work.

Compared to olden days, many of the youth today are more educated. But there is an increase in family problems, deaths due to family problems and divorces.We see the news of children being abandoned. Today people have become so busy that they are unable to spend proper time with their family and  unable to give care to the old parents. Material comforts have increased but we see youth neglecting parents and leaving them to old age homes. So what has the education helped them there?

Education should help in developing both moral and intellectual character, increasing confidence and help to rise to full potential.The objective of education should be to develop mind. We need more law abiding citizens, more professionals who excel in their field, more dedicated doctors etc.

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