Friday 31 October 2014

Prayer , God, Faith and Fear

"Come to my home this weekend, Mr.X is coming there. He will pray for you and sure it will be answered". We thanked his good intention, but my mind questioned. "How can someone pray for us?". Will GOD answer my answered prayer if someone else ask for it?

We know we weren't blessed with all that we wanted, buy yes GOD has provided us that understanding and maturity to accept things. But yes GOD helped us to be happy by showing living examples of unhappy people who possess much more than we had.

When I look back, I realize it was the difficult situations that made us grow.
To me GOD is my friend with whom I can openly share thanks, hopes, all my fears.I believe God is all around us, within each of us.

We all pray, visit temples/churches/mosques or we pray simply at home. And are we happy after the prayer. Very often we complain that he is not considering our wishes and  we often take the blessings he has offered for granted.

Closely listen, He is telling it’s not the right time. Please wait. If events are not happening as you expected , or if you  doesn't feel  circumstances change in your favor,relax and  trust God. God has some better action plan for you.

You may feel frustrated during rejections in life, years later you will look back at and thank God for not answering that prayer the way you wanted.

Learn to love all, not only the joys and the victories, but also the pain and the struggles. This is what GOD teaches us.

Many times I wonder when I see people go behind superstitions with the desire to make quick money without much hard work, for gettings jobs,promotion,  for fixing issues in marriage and some even ask for help in their wrong deeds. We are controlled by some unknown fears and become weak.We lose confidence in our own abilities after a certain period of time. It is FEAR that is ruling them

Nothing works if we heart is not pure. Even without doing our part well, we believe the special archanas/dakshinas  etc will  do wonders.  Greed is the main reason for many superstitions.Majority believe that they can peep into their future with the help of astrology. Many times they follow the advice of astrologers alone without doing their part. Even today people consider certain numbers, days etc as unlucky.

Be aware and use our reasoning ability. Majority of the superstitions are not based on any logic. It is now the FEAR of God than the LOVE of God that rules us. What we need is faith or  belief in one’s own self and a trust on the miracles of hard work. We should be able to judge everything by the strong light of reason  having firm faith in God

Sure there is an unknown  supreme power which is controlling every species. I believe we all have a destiny and I believe in fate and in karma.

There is an  attitude of offering something to God in return for a favour.Its not the special offerings but the true intention that matters. God can see right into your mind. A person who is kind, and honest is far more likely to please God,  whether he does his rituals or not.

Love and respect everyone. Be kind. Even when life is tough, take courage and believe in GOD. This is what each religion is supposed to teach us. There should not a competition between religions that each one is better than the other.

Be mindful and happy in the present moment. If we are not happy after the communication with the GOD, it is sure we haven't prayed anything.

People are often prisoners of their own concepts.

I can never believe that a human being can have the power of God. If their philosophies helps us to calm our mind we can hear them. We should not cross the limits by losing our common sense and start worshiping a human being who is like any of us.

God always help those who help themselves. So play our part well and then be ready to accept what is offered.We have to accept that God always wants to bring out the best in us. I remember a beautiful advice I received, Whatever it is whether it is good or bad,  leave it to God and have faith in Him.

Each one is distinct and unique in the eyes of God. Never compare , because there is no comparing amongst unique things. God-realization grants us Joy, Peace and Fearlessness

Our unfulfilled expectations can be a source of pain. Look for and recognize your blessings. Cultivate gratitude. Appreciate the people in your life. Enjoy the beauties of nature. Change your perspective and recognize that even  challenges are blessings because they give you an opportunity to grow.

Instead of worrying on the unfairness of life, you can be more accepting of your circumstances. When we have faith in GOD we  believe we are closer to God and accept all challenges in life as they come. And it adds more meaning to our life.

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