Tuesday 2 December 2014

Faith in GOD

Today is an auspicious day,  Guruvayur ekadeshi. It was on this day on which Bhagavan Krishna revealed Gita to Arjuna

After a long wait for bus, I decided to take an auto. I saw the lady. And the conversation with her really energised my day.

She was going to a Krishna temple and was also waiting for a long time for the bus.

She has two daughters. Her husband was addicted to drinking and they were financially stable. She was living in a rented house. What differentiated them from others was their devotion to GOD. I was not a regular visitor of temple, but whenever I went to the nearby Shiva temple, I could see three of them, mother and the two daughters.

And anytime I saw them there was a smile on their face. A few months before someone told me her elder daughter was married by a boy who was a temple priest. There were socially and financially better than the family. But the marriage happened with hundred percent consent of the boy's family agreed. I was pleasantly shocked to hear about that.

Today when I saw her she told they have a boy child now and are living happily. She rightly said it "It is all by God's grace alone".

I could find a feeling of contentment, positive faith in her words.

She told me she had been asked by Mr.X(her house owner) to vacate the house. She had been living in that house for several years. I knew Mr.X. He was a landlord, had high salary, had shown his presence in politics also. She was called many times by their family for physical help in their house. His both children were abroad. She told me that many times when the children came for vacation, they would ask her to cook food food them too. And now to build a flat, they have asked her to vacate the house. I could understand the pain in her words when she told me that M.X didn't help her when she had to find a new house.

Even the children didn't bring here even a chocolate though they are financially settled.

It was too weeks back only that I had heard that Mr.X was hospitalized for kidney failure and was critically ill.

I have full faith in the lord and that alone will help us to overcome all obstacles. See, GOD will test us a lot, but he will always be with us. Once my younger girl is also settled in life, I will be happy. She was continuing.

She had left all her troubles in God's feet and was fully confident in God. There I could see a real Bhaktha or a devotee.

I have heard about the story of Poonthanam and Melpathoor Narayana Bhattathiri.

Poonthanam’s bhakti was silent, but highly potent.

Melpathoor Narayana Bhattathiri was a great scholar. Poonthanam approached the  Bhattathiri to correct the mistakes of his simple work. But he hesitated. The story goes that soon Bhattathiri was hit by paralysis and he prayed to Lord Krishna to cure him. Then he heard a voice : “I Love Poonthanam’s simple and pure Bhakti much more than your knowledge.” Bhattahiri repented,corrected it. He thus got cured of the disease.

Another version of the same story that I have read says that, after he rejected the work of Poonthanam, while he sat to read out his own

Narayaneeyam verses , a little boy appeared at his house. A beautiful boy. Bhattathiri allowed him to sit next to him and started chanting. In the first stanza itself, there were mistakes. As he proceeded to the second and third, the little boy pointed out more mistakes. Bhattathiri realized that this is no ordinary boy and it must be Lord Guruvayoorappan.

Immediately, he got up and prostrated at the feet of the boy. When he got up, there was none around. The little boy had disappeared.He heard the boy’s voice: “I like Poonthanam’s purity and devotion much more than your knowledge and associated ego.” And then he corrected his work.

Yes,  Faith is the rope of steel that holds a devotee to the Lord and is unshakeable. True devotees are contended, happy, tolerant and pure at heart.

Mother Theresa  said she saw Jesus in the eyes of every disadvantaged child she helped and  that is bhakti.
We must feel love for living being who surround us. We should love plants, flowers that are visible everywhere.

Devotion finds godliness in everything and everywhere.
When we focus our lives on higher thoughts and actions, we connect with the Divine.

Faith is our willingness to take the next step without fear and with patience to allow Supreme force to work through our situation.

Tolerance allows us to believe that even if  there is diversity among us, through religion,  culture ,status, we are all part of the larger Family and not to forget that everyone we meet deserves our respect.


  1. Great....Great Article. Highly Meaningful words. Thanks for sharing this Motivational post.