Sunday 7 December 2014

Why do I love blogging?

I blog anonymously. I love it because it is my writing that creates the connection between the people I  meet here. Many times I feel happy after reading a good post. I do not know any of the bloggers personally. But the reading has brought some sort of familiarity between us. I doubt whether any other media has influenced me this much. I own a FB account. I am connected to my friends and family over there. I like to see the photos the updates and the other info shared by those in my group. But they all are already known to me in some where or the other. So some are close, more close etc.

But here it is the words that creates the magic. Many of the writers/bloggers have influenced me a lot. I am a working woman and was not that systematic in my house hold schedule. It was a blog that helped me organize, prioritise and schedule  all my work.

From the gardening blogs, I learnt the basics of Gardening, successfully started with Mint and now if I am a good gardener, I give three forth credit to all the bloggers who inspired me through their post. I now own a small kitchen garden with Tomatoes, Chillies, Curry leaves, Turmeric etc.

"Are you running a hotel at home?", My little niece asks this question whenever I search for some recipes in the posts and try that. I know it can be done without reading. But this helps to know the different and unique methods with which each one prepares some dishes and many times it tasted better. The pepper chicken, the Fruit Salad, the Biriyanis all I cooked with the help of the bloggers whom I read.

I helped me see people of diverse culture, different paces, different ages and all were brought closer to me depending on how I relate to what they write.Sine I work, I don't get time to read a book full as I schedule, but the reading helps me in many ways to gain knowledge.

I met people who think differently, people with high values who really inspired me, and it made me think and grow. And we are liberty here whom to read and whom not to. I myself have corrected many of my mistakes after reading some blogs. It allows us to reevaluate ourselves and improvise. Without moving, I have traveled along with the bloggers to different places, have experienced diverse cultures. We become more socially aware when someone points out the irregularities happening here.

And every time I see a mail notifying a comment for my page, I feel happy. There is a two-way connection here, the blogger and the reader. If I write a book, I cannot have a one to one connection between all the readers and me. But here it happens and for good.

 When I started blogging, I was doubtful whether I could write as I wish to. But I know through the writing I myself have improved a lot. What to write was a question. But now whenever I observer something that strikes me, I love to write about it.

Blogging is a way of investing your time and effort  to a create a post which comprises your views and offer it to the readers and if anyone likes it is a wonderful feeling. And sometimes it is a digital record of your thoughts, experiences and views. It allows us to enjoy the little joys of life.


  1. Beautiful post, written so honestly. I can relate to it wholeheartedly as I number of things matches my own experience. I am also noticing positive changes in my thoughts after I started my blog and interacted with other bloggers.

    1. Thankyou Vishal. Happy that you could relate to it.