Friday 5 December 2014

True measure of success - What does success mean to you?

How does you rate success? Who should acknowledge your success? Is it your colleagues/parents/siblings/wife or your children. I believe it is we ourselves should assess and rank us. If we can't please ourselves, nothing else matters.

I have met many sorts of people in this world, but the people I adore have something in common. They all are self made men.

They are the ones who have undergone a lot of struggles and  difficulties and without the help of favoring circumstances, have attained a lot in life. They  owe little or nothing to birth, to wealth inherited. They gain knowledge through life experiences.

The self made men deserve more respect than the others because nothing was easy for them and against all troubles they create their own identity.  They attain much success than that his original family or financial circumstances would have allowed him to.

There is genuine heroism in their struggle and they are the architects of their own good fortune.
They stay humble after each victory. They are unique in their thoughts and are never people pleasers.

Optimism, patience, and perseverance are the three essential keys to success.

I have met people who go after Astrologers for each and every minute things in life. I felt this is because they have little faith in themselves and are weak.

Last week, I heard a Tamil Song. It touched my heart so deeply even though I couldn't understand the lyrics fully. I thought it was a new one, but later knew that it got last year's award for best lyrics. Then I wondered whether such a song got all the popularity that it deserved.

I have felt several time that sometimes we respect people who have many personal flaws than they deserve. They are respected only because they are rich or powerful. We fail to distinguish high status people who acquire wealth through inheritance or good fortune than those who achieve the same through hard work alone.

The child of a high class family is almost always over conscious even when playing because he is afraid whether his dress would be damaged with  dust. Sometimes the financial  and social status are chains that forbids children to enjoy their life fully.

Many often we tend to forget people who helped us getting through the hard times. It may not be intentionally, but lack of time or some other reason. But we should pause and find time to make sure to remember and acknowledge their efforts.

I know a family where the elder son is a scientist and the younger one not that much qualified but with a decent job. The elder one is abroad, while the younger one along with his job does some farming, and take care of his parents. But every time in some occasions when I meet them together I have felt that the elder one is respected several times more than the younger one. The younger one is always seen with smiles. To me he is successful than the other because he is happy with life.

More money cannot bring us more happiness it means we are not successful if we have more money alone.  A millionaire who is not happy is not successful.

Each one of us have our own responsibilities, as a son/daughter/wife/husband/friend/teacher/parent etc. Whoever are aware of the duties and perform them are successful in life.

It is not the bank balance, the four wheeler you possess, the family status you have that counts. It is fighting against all odds in life, and staying humble after each success.

I would like to hear from you what success mean to you and do share points that I have missed.

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