Monday 1 December 2014

We need more civic sense

I was on my way to office. There is 15 minute walk from the bus stop. There were many autos in the stand. Though its a minimum distance journey, the first three drivers whom I approached hesitated. And the reason was gutters in the road. Yes they were right. I too sometimes wonder if a onetime trip through the road, makes me dis comfortable, how much would they suffer - back pain issues, their vehicles gets damaged because of the frequent rides in auto rickshaws. 

Authorities are blind to road-users, they are asleep or busy in their own jobs.

We need clean and beautiful roads. But do we take the effort to keep them clean.

Few months back in our street a house has been vacated by people and left vacant for a few months. In 2-3 weeks time, we could see a huge pile of garbage being dumped in front of the house.

If we had dustbins on our roads, and they are emptied regularly, we would not hold on to our waste and throw it there.

We hear of accident deaths due to careless and chaotic driving  very often but each of us believes that the road belongs to us. People simply have no regard for the others while driving.

Behavior at Public places is another such example. Many often we see co-passengers in trains/buses talking loudly, with no consideration for others.

At any place where there is a queue system, people trying to break the queue.
We never think of how civic sense and civil public behavior could make a difference to our country

Civic sense needs to be taught at an early stage itself.

We are advancing day by day in technology but in certain aspects we are still big zero.

Are Pedestrians always given consideration, many forget that they have the right of way.
Vehicles are parked in a manner that will obstruct traffic.

Do we bother to give up your seat to an elderly man. Many often drivers are not much aware of the noise pollution.

Civic sense starts from a "sense of belonging". We see people spitting on the roads.

We need to give importance to safety than speed. Many of the youngsters even before getting a job are given costly bikes by parents, but not provided the basic rules to follow while driving.


  1. Correct. Apart of providing the infrastructure it's also important to think, if people are ready to accept the infrastructure? Look at Delhi Metro and just think about that situation - how people wrestle to grab a seat whenever train doors opens at a busy station. Who does that? - You will be amazed to see this is being practiced by educated people. Shame!! That is why it gets even more important to educate people about how to respect the infrastructure, what is civic sense. You just go to India Gate in night and you won't find instructions of how to maintain cleanliness. In a place like this where you see people abuse Infrastructure (knowingly or unknowingly), it is for the sake of the country & society upliftment to run civic sense awareness program 365 days a year.

  2. BTW, thanks for writing this meaningful post. Appreciate your concern for bringing positive change in society. Stay connected :)

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