Tuesday 30 October 2012

Stay happy after Marriage

Stay happy after Marriage

To stay happy in marriage may seem like a difficult task sometimes when both person are of different nature. If you follow some simple tips you can be happy all the time.

1. Always be open- Be expressive, express all your views, emotions and share everything. Rather than talking the issues to some one else always raise your issues or thoughts to your partner

Communication is the main thing in any relation.Dont expect your partner to read your mind

2. Accept each other- Magnify and understand the positives in each other, try to point out the negatives, try to change it. If not possible just accept it.

3. Spend quality time together

4. Clarify about the goals or ambition - Each of us have a vision of our life. Know fully about your partner's goal, support him/her for achieving the goal

5. Never underestimate your partner.

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