Tuesday 11 February 2014

Stop Over Analyzing, Life is Simple

Stop Over Analyzing, Life is Simple

I was thinking of my post's topic today and this quote inspired me to write.

God has gifted us with ability to think and if we are not using this properly, it will have adverse effects.

I have observed two types of people

Type 1 - They possess almost everything that is required for a good life, but will analyze the consequence of even a simple action and make assumptions on  how things will turn around. They are focused more on future than on present moment. This over analysis process results in a combination of these feelings - anger, dissatisfaction, jealousy, fear, doubt, confusion, etc

Type 2 - They never let their thoughts control them. They perform their duties well and are always energetic. They enjoy each and every moment of their life.

Life is unpredictable.Over thinking ruins relations and creates unnecessary problems.

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