Thursday 2 July 2015

A little care can make them feel special

She is childless and a widow. Whenever I see her she is cheerful and tells a lot of stories in a single breath. No regrets, no complaints nothing. What she needs is just someone to be by her side and tell all what she has to tell. She has stocked a box full of chocolates to all the kids who visit her.

These days in our day to day chores and busy life we fail to spend time with elderly. We had a period where kids grow up with the grand mas, hear a lot of stories with them. Now everywhere kids go to play schools.

We used to seek blessings of our elders before an exam, interview, marriage etc.

After retirement, many elders feel they are being treated as burden.

We can learn a lot from the elders.They have years of experience and wisdom.

These days many elders are being abandoned by the children. They tend to forget that we all will be becoming old one day .If we don’t treat our parents well,  what can we  expect from our children.

I have seen many parents tend to lack care and affection in their old age.  What they need is the presence of the children and not their money. The loneliness they feel in a big empty house is a terrible feeling for them.

Many would like to enjoy the warmth and joy of family life. But their circumstances prevent that. Elderly people should be treated as blessings

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  1. Yes you have correctly identified loneliness as a big problem of the elderly. Please encourage your friends to visit your home and say hello to your elders once in a way.