Monday, 7 March 2016

kadumanga pickle

This is mango season here. Everywhere we find mangoes different types. This time I decided to  try making kadumanga pickle. Collected mangoes from or grandma's home. Washed it thoroughly. I never knew the process was this simple.

 Kannimanga 50
 Chilly powder
 Mustard seeds crushed ( 2 sppon)
 Gingely oil

 This is a two stage process. Fist we keep it in salt and water to let it shrink. In the second stage we add chilly powder.

First I collected and cleaned the tender mangoes and put it into a glass jar. Added some table salt and water to it. After three weeks found that the mangoes shrinked and absorbed the salt

Pour the salt water to a flat vessel. Added chilly powder 4 spoon and crushed mustard and hing powder and mixed it well. Added it with the mangoes  and kept the mix in the same jar. Added a few drops of gingely oil to it. After two weeks this will be ready to use. This can be preserved in an air tight glass jar and use for a long time.

Rice curd and this pickle is a good combination.

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