Saturday 25 October 2014

A leader is someone whom others like to follow

Who are leaders? Anyone who brings good changes can be considered a leader.  We  all can be leaders and lead others by example. We are leader to our co-worker/wife/children/siblings/parents/neighbors/friends and even strangers.

The stories are from what I observed during different times.

When I started my career, I saw employees deceiving their managers. There was a guy, he was the senior most employee, his duty mainly was to deceive the managers rather than doing his duties. The managers were doing this as a part time business and didn't know much about the business and so they blindly believed whatever he said. I couldn't digest any of the things that he did. The management always considered him as the key person in any decision making. Despite the fact that he wasn't contributing anything significant to the organization, he was considered the manager to whom other employees should report to. He had convinced them that he was doing a part time professional PG course for which he not even had registered. When I joined the team, I was about to complete the same course. I could understand the lies he was telling. All other employees were frustrated since they did know that he was getting more than what he actually deserves. Two months after I got another job and I resigned from there. On my last meeting there with the MD, I told her, please don't follow anyone blindly. This is your company, you would completely know what is happening here. You should be able to see things clearly and take wise decisions. I want to wish the best for the company and for development the management has to be little more alert. At that time I was just a fresher and I was confused whether I should tell them this or just leave it as such since it was not my business. But I felt should speak out since I felt it may benefit the organization as well as other employees to some extend. I wondered how easy it was for one to deceive his superior.

My friend works in an organization where she tells after the team meeting with their manager all are frustrated. He fails to appreciate others and only criticizes his employees. Whether the business is up or down, the team meetings end up with the same story. Only motivated employees can perform better.

Another story is when I met one of my ex-co workers. He had been working in an renowned organization. The guy was famous for his sincerity and hard work. Whenever I met he seemed to be satisfied. One day when I saw him he told he has resigned from there and shifted to another job with less salary than this. I was surprised. The reason he told was he did overtime there and worked very hard. Through the management knew about this, at the appraisal time everybody was considered the same. He was a guy who gave salary second priority and always worked at organization point of view, but felt bad that his hard work was not recognized there and he left.

Leadership has nothing to do with the job title. Everywhere around us, we see leaders; at school, at home, at office. Leaders have the  responsibility to lead their followers well and to be a good example to them.

Daily we interact with different sorts of  people. Think about how you feel and think after you interact with them. Sometimes a simple gesture like a smile can be influential. We may have been taught by several teachers but some of them are always close to our heart. 

Leadership is  an attitude. Each one of us need to  know our role and do our responsible. Everyone can be a leader.  We all are given the opportunity to be the best of ourselves. 

Leadership lessons begins at home. A true leader is a leader in every area of life.  Parents have been entrusted by  God to carry out the job to lead their kids to grow into confident,considerate and responsible human being.

Self-centered children will neglect or mistreat others, and their marriages as well as  career gets damaged.
Children will be equipped with the necessary life skill only if parents stop spoon feeding and stop
take care of problems for them. Parents are their children’s biggest role model.

In one way or the other we/our words/our actions influence others. A house wife who performs her duties well can be said a leader. A mother who instill some morals in her children is a leader.


  1. Nice thoughts. However a great leader create more leaders instead of followers.

    1. Yes I agree, the mark of a great leader isn't creating followers, but instead developing other leaders.

  2. My favourite quote on leadership:
    “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be.” - Rosalynn Carter
    You have correctly said that any person can be a leader. However, the leader is followed enthusiastically only if (s)he walks the talk!