Tuesday 7 October 2014

Master your thoughts, Let go of prejudices

Our thought process defines who we are. Our happiness depends mainly on the quality of our thoughts.

Remember the actions we regret later or gave us troubles later in life, all of these will surely be when we have acted without thinking. Taking full control of our thought process is very important.

Preconceived mindset has a strong impact of all our deeds. Prejudice is that which make us  believe bad about others without even  finding out the truth. Our mind is conditioned to  judge and form opinions  in life. But sometimes forming an opinion or judgment based on very little evidence lands us in new troubles. Our thinking is influenced by opinions from  other people, newspapers, magazines,our experiences etc.

Each  one of us has a set of assumptions based on many factors  that underlies our thinking. Our past experience might limit our thinking in a situation. We should learn  to see things more clearly.
Another factor is beliefs imposed by our  families, schools, and friends.

Hanging onto old mindsets can create many serious mental problems like  fear, negativity,  resentments, stress, and worry. Old mindsets can keep you boxed into old prejudice attitudes and thoughts.

Always make sure you have got ample evidence before believing anything.
Double check whether there is anything that you missed out.
Try not to  generalize people in terms of race, gender, sex, place where they belong to, their culture.

A prejudiced mind always tries to fit people and ideas into its narrow preconceived notions.

Avoiding making conclusions about something/someone until we are informed
Step outside the conventions to look for new solutions.

Leave the know-all attitude. The entire universe is so complex.  It is important to accept that there are truths that, "I won’t understand." or " I hadn't noticed". Be  open minded to the truth about things of which we have very little knowledge.

Prejudices are very tough to overcome unless we are fully aware of it.We must have heard people ( or sometime we ourselves) telling prejudicial jokes and make generalistions.

Be ready to give up our age-old rigid thought processes and  give way to an open  thought process. Let not our vision be coloured by the lens of prejudice. Prejudices are attitudes rooted in ignorance and a fear of differences.Let go of the the emotional baggage and be happy.

Read and encourage your children to read books that promote understanding of different cultures. Give them opportunity to explore more.Avoid stereotypical remarks in home.

Having a prejudiced mindset about the whole world that surrounds you will hinder you from discovering new ideas and will hinder further growth.Do not blindly believe something only because Mr. X or Mr.Y told. Use your brain in the most efficient manner.

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