Thursday 16 October 2014

Power of words

There is an enormous power in words. We read books/articles, new ideas arises and it affects our thought process. Writings of great authors have a great impact on our minds.

A sword can bring only damage/destruction. War is  not a solution for anything. It will only increase enmity and leaves only wounds. A society develops only through education, through the teachings and writings of
great intellectuals.

Wise usage of words can bring about many good changes. We see a new world through the writings from poets/writers.Think of the books that influenced us, may it be Bible/Quran/Bhagat Gita these all have beautiful messages for us.

These days through the social media we are able to see many social issues being pointed out and get public attention. During our childhood,  grand mothers tell us stories  from histories and they influence our little minds.

Writers and philosophers are more powerful to change the world than kings who forced their people to use swords.Words, written down in any form, can change minds and it reaches and influences a broader audience

It was not though war but through Ahimsa and Satyagraha that we got independence.Gandhiji wrote columns
in newspapers about the social injustices.Many of the writers through their literary works share their insights and allow us to think. The autobiography Wings of Fire is still a source of inspiration for many.

The writers live through their writings and are immortal. Great writers like  Shakespeare, Tagore, Vivekananda are still  remembered today. Their writings  leave an everlasting source of inspiration for all the generations.

With a sword one can kill or hurt people. But with a pen one can write about whats happening in the society.What actions cannot do, can be done by words. A writer cannot protest against a social evil alone, but he can make the readers aware of the situation and in that way bring about progress.

Pen brings the world closer to us and gives us exposure.

Imagine a very dull day. Read some quotes and it will brighten your day. These words are such energy boosters to us.

Many of the scams have been brought into  public attention through newspapers.

The impact of pen depends on the usage of it. Views  can be distorted and misinterpreted by the pen. Its power should be used in a wise and  positive way. The writers influences the society to a great extent so they should be will aware of their responsibility.

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  1. The pen is mightier than the sword, no doubt. Even our PM is proving that: the tongue is mightier than all other politics.