Monday 8 December 2014

My New Year Resolutions

2014 is ending, another year awaits for us. I don't remember whether I had made any resolutions at the start of 2014. But yes, I am sure I have learnt some beautiful lessons. This post persuaded me to pause and rethink of my plans for next year.

2014 started to me after getting in contact with a friend after 5 years. The happiness that I got after giving me a pleasant shock in the form of a New Year wish was the best moment of the year.

The closer Dec 31 comes, the more we all start making resolutions. Whether we follow it or not, it motivates us and give us new hopes and energy.

To me the resolutions/plans for next year would be fix some of my faults in me and be a better ME.

1. Love myself more. Listen to my inner thoughts more, be more self-responsible, guide myself, take pride in my achievements and criticize and correct me when needed. I wish to give my 100% to myself, my family, siblings, friends and the organization with whom I work.

2. Forgive and let go of all resentments. I wish to Let go of the past.

3. Be more emotionally stable
I had jumped into some unwanted issues, because of my temper and sensitivity issues. I want to listen more and speak less in matter which I'm not 100% sure about.

4. Judge less, criticize less and more receptive. I want to accept and love people with all their faults.

5. I wish to give more love and care to the elderly people in my life. There are people who have expectations on us who need our care. I wish to give them more attention.

6. Reduce my time watching Television and use it creatively for reading/gardening.

7. Let go of per-conceptions,belief systems,close mindedness and to approach world with curiosity of a child. Children really aren’t much worried on what other people think of them and they learn many things.

8. Worry less and be more happy. I want to be more satisfied with what all life has  offered me.

9. Career wise,I want to learn more, apply my knowledge, accept challenges and do justice to the expectations.

10. Be more punctual and be on time to office.

11. Read more to earn knowledge and write more often to share my knowledge

12. Let Go of unrealistic expectations and be contended.

13. Reduce eating outside and make more experiments in kitchen.


  1. Nice resolutions. I wish I could share them. :)

    I used to make a lot of new year resolutions until I realised that resolutions shld be everyday affairs. :)

    All the best.

    1. Thankyou for the comment. Yes, would only be happy on sharing.