Wednesday 4 November 2015

Why do we vote?

Elections are now a days no more filled with vibe to bring in a change,  Earlier we were optimistic about our leaders.

We now  have  come to an extend where we are left with an option like none of these ( similar to mcq's we learn at school level), even  being one  of the biggest democratic in the world,

Only question is that " do we still have faith or belief in the people we elect" or is just to have a change we elect  different either ways it can be only be concluded that ..the right and ambitions of a common man is never going to be fulfilled..

Election though being a right of every citizen has become  another day to celebrate as its a public holiday.

We hope and pray that atleast in the future our nation will be in the hand of "Young, igniting, innovative minds who aim to make the nation a developed one rather the leaders making their party and well wishers develop...

Hence elections are now just a day to relax and spend time with family than to elect a good leader..
Hope in future we will have leaders as we had long ago who gave every thing to built upon a strong future..

Are we still independent? We still  have guttered roads, people breaking the rules for their own interests, corruption everywhere.

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