Wednesday 24 September 2014

Every little drop of water counts

We celebrate world environment days. We see celebrities/ministers giving speeches on saving/loving earth. Students are given assignments to write on. But how many of us practise it? The health of our environment depends on reducing waste and
conserving resources.

Some tips that I have found are

1. Use resources wisely. While I had been in a different place where there is scarcity of water, I knew the value of water then. I could see people waiting in queues for water. They will collect water in vessels and had to depend on this for a week or so. Even with that little water available I was wondered to see beautiful flowers in the compounds. People there watered the plants with the water from kitchen
after washing the utensils.

2. Switch off lights/fans after use. If your house has windows, make proper use of the  natural light. Earlier days the very first thing we do was opening windows in the morning and feel the fresh air. Sunlight is a source of Vitamin D

3. Reduce usage of Plastic. These days most of the super markets are charging on the plastic bags. Carry an friendly bag and use it every time you go for shopping.

4. Reduce waste. I used to wait for the corporation people to collect the waste form my home and pay them. This indeed needed much effort since they come weekly once only. Someone suggested why do you need to depend on them. Yes we had little space in our compound. Proper separation of the waste is all that is needed. One of our neighbours had a cow, so collected and gave  all the left over banana peels, rice water etc to them. Left over of vegetables, onions etc dumped near the kitchen garden. Collected all the plastic covers and made it a practice to fire it later. The unwanted plastic bottles and all given away with the old newspapers. Instead of throwing out all that kitchen waste and other biodegradable waste from your house, use that in your garden.

5. Love nature by planting trees. You can start with planting curry leaf plants, green chillies,turmeric  etc. Depending on the space you have you can plant trees of your choice.

6. Reduce wastage of food. There are lot of people who still try it hard to find food even for a day. Use your fridge and make maximum use of the left-overs.

7. Keep your surroundings clean.

Each one of us can do our little in the best way we can. Give comments if you have any other ways to point out.

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