Wednesday 17 September 2014

Lessons learnt - Transform our self

Lessons learnt - Transform our self

I was away from my work, my busy life. Got pretty much of exercise time for my mind.

1. I used to avoid some people with whom I feel there was difference of opinion. But then I realized there was some more qualities in them that I didn't notice. There were lessons to learn from them. Why cant we concentrate on the virtues rather than their fault. Each and every person has some unique ability. So the decision was just to learn what ever I can from the other person and ignore all of the other bad traits. Stop pointing fingers and just keep track of the negative emotions running across our mind. It is during our difficult times that we realize the value of people in our life. However busy we are we should find time to stay connected to people.

2. Decide to keep away from negative talks. Equally important is to be cautious in what you think and talk.

3. You have been allotted different responsibilities in your life. Keep improving and do all the responsibility properly.

4. Rather than watching TV, you can improve your knowledge by reading. I watched a video in which someone was telling how much time we use productively all the day. We are stressed up with the worries of past and anxieties of future. I analysed myself, yes there is plenty much that I can and should do. Use every opportunity to learn.

5. Ready to admit mistakes and forgive. This is not an easy job as said. We all make mistakes in life. Admit your mistakes if you regret for it, take responsibility for that and take remedies. Just look at the situation from the other person's perspective and think how he or she had felt.

As said " One of the keys to happiness is bad memory", Accept apologies whole-heartedly. No need to keep your life complicated by holding on grudges. Take choices that are healthy for your mind.

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