Monday 10 November 2014

Know your strength and weakness

Know your strength and weakness

What comes to mind when someone asks you about your strengths?
Remember that moment during a job interview when the interviewer asked you what your strength and weakness are.You are then in the phase of life where you are not much aware of what your strengths are. Knowing yourself is true wisdom.

You listed a set of attributes before the panel and says I am this, I am that and so on. You get a job. Bank balance increases, life style changes, you own a flat/house/four wheeler and so and so. The person who scored well on all the entrance exams may not be the real winner in life.

Life is not easy for any of us. Unexpected difficulties may arise.

Perseverance, patience and wisdom these traits distinguish a strong person from the weak. Each experience whether it be bad or good should be our teacher.

I know a girl, she was well educated, got a job as a teacher, married a nice guy, built a house and had a beautiful daughter. All nice. Suddenly her husband had some health issues, he has to quit his job. She needed to manage everything the medical expense, the mental support for him and earn for the family. She traveled 150 km daily to reach her office and worked. She was the best lady I have seen since she gave all sort of emotional support to his partner, and was ready to sacrifice a lot. I envy her courage and determination.

Loving oneself is another important trait.I have seen people who hold on good relations with others and  value the relations have a sense of optimism and mindfulness in general. Love is a wonderful attribute that can be over used or underused —but when used well, love is a tremendous asset. Start by loving everyone around you. Show love to your friends, family, partner, colleagues, teachers, etc. Celebrate who you are in your deepest heart. When we try doing with love even the simple house hold duties like cleaning vessels will be something that we can enjoy.

Being responsible
Life is full of choices. Being responsible means being in charge of our choices and, thus, our lives. Make our own choices confidently without undue influence from others.

Appreciating the simple gifts of life. Enjoy the small beauties in world. Be receptive to the blessings and surprises of life and nature.  Be curious and try doing things differently

Learning expands our mind and soul.There are always new things to learn. Strengthen the current skills. Knowledge is the biggest wealth.Be willing to consider new ideas.

Humbleness: Be Modest; not arrogant or boastful. We should be able to keep things in perspective, and recognize our limitations as well as our strengths and don’t overestimate either of them. Humble people are more confident.While we  see a lot of self-important, and self-promoting people, humble ones are rare to find. Accept people ven if their opinions differ.

Be connected with the supreme power - A relationship of faith and gratitude with a power greater than ourselves.

It is when we are aware and acknowledge where our weak points are that we are most likely to overcome them.It gives you the courage to admit your own faults  and weaknesses.

Your character is what makes you the person you are.

Sometimes we have fears about our weaknesses without realizing it.

Some are easily affected withe negative thoughts. If possible, avoid the places, and people who trigger your negative thoughts.  Take up some new interest  like  a new hobby or a course that interests you and spare no time for negative thoughts.

Some people are short tempered. Sometimes in arguments even if they raise valid points that are unheard because of this. He who has enough self-control to stand firm at the moment when the other person is in a temper, wins in the end. It is not he who has spoken a hundred words aloud who has won; it is he who has perhaps spoken only one word. Once he/she is aware of this, he can take necessary precautions and be more aware in the next scenario.

Fear is one of main weakness people have. Little S loved singing. But her music teacher was always shouting at her when she made mistakes. Slowly she lost the confidence. Later she was taught by a new teacher and she made her alert of her mistakes and asked her to practice a lot. Slowly the girl enjoyed learning music and won many competitions.

At one point or the other we make mistakes in life. Mistakes can be silly too silly that it doesn't cause any damage to others and sometimes complex.

Sometimes we are addicted to some habits like smoking, drinking etc. It ruins our health and our family. If a man is able to recognize his addiction and able to control the temptation, he becomes strong and is able to control his life.Sometimes we mis-judge people and scenarios and overact. We are not able to control our emotions and anger. The moment we know things are different, we should be ready to admit our mistake. It takes strength to apologize.

Many people are in  false belief that admitting their mistakes makes them weak.   We all are human and we make mistakes in life.The attitude towards recognizing our mistakes will make a big difference in our life.

The humble people do not see the need to be perfect, because they already know perfection is impossible.  They see themselves realistically. Therefore, admitting mistakes does not damage their ego.

Make an honest apology. Many time people spend so much time in justifying their bad decisions.

Admission of a mistake, makes learning possible by moving the focus towards understanding

Many of us carry in our hearts a lot of emotional baggage of past hurts from others. All these make us weak.

Add more meaning to your life.


  1. Very valid points. Keeping the slate clean is as necessary as moving ahead with courage and determination.

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