Friday 28 November 2014

South Indian Filter Coffee and Kozhukkatta

South Indian Filter Coffee and Kozhukkatta

I am a big fan of Coffee. I have a stainless steel coffee filter which was bought at  around 300Rs .

The coffee filter has 2 containers, an upper container with holes where you have to put the coffee powder , a lower container where the decoction is collected, a lid and a pressing disc with a center handle  which you  have to place over the powder to press and spread it

Put 3 spoon of coffee powder in the upper container, place it on top of the lower container and press the container gently with the press, so that the powder will settle evenly.

Pour boiled water over the powder and close it.

Leave it for atleast 15 mins.

The decoction will be collected in the lower container.

Boil milk, in a glass  take one-third decotion then add milk and sugar. Serve hot in a tumbler and dawara.

Daily evening we buy snacks from bakeries, though we know it is unhealthy to have junk and oily foods. Mom used to make snacks at home earlier. So asked her the recipe of Kozhukkatta and tried it.


Rice powder - 2 cup
Coconut - 1 cup

Boil water with little salt and add rice powder to it and make dough. Let it cool.
Dilute the jaggery in the warm water and strain it.
Heat this liquid over medium heat and add the coconut in it,and  stir till the liquid dries up and is ready for filling. Add powdered cardamom to it.
Make small balls of dough and flatten it in your palm
Take a  spoon of jaggery cocunut mix and fill into it and close it in a neat ball
Steam it for 10-15 mins till it is fully cooked.

Let it cool and then serve.

It was my first experiment and Kozhukkata was a little hard. But taste was good. The problem was my dough was too hard I should have added little more water and made it little loose.

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